TMSC' approach to Ransomware (WannaCry / Petya / Goldeneye) Cyber-attack


This is Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation (“TMSC”)’s statement as to the vulnerability of its medical equipment (“Product(s)”) to the Ransomware (WannaCry / Petya / Goldeneye) Cyber-attack.

Impact on Medical Devices

The starting point of this Cyber-attack is to open an email attachment or download a file by accidentally clicking on a malicious URL while accessing a web page. Such everyday operation exploits Microsoft's Windows(R) OS vulnerability so that a malicious program disables computer operation, encrypts data file to make it unavailable or attacks other computers. The attacks from infected computers within a facility are actual threats for medical equipment and those attacks look like DDoS attack (Distributed Denial of Service attack). When our Product is used as directed, the likelihood of infection is extremely low.

TMSC' approach to Ransomware

We would like to assure all our customers that taking necessary measures to the Ransomware (WannaCry / Petya / Goldeneye) Cyber-attack is our highest priority and to restore all our Products to normal operation as soon as possibl. Currently we are evaluating any impact by the MS17-010’s vulnerability for each Product. When we find any critical impacts by Ransomware (WannaCry / Petya / Goldeneye) in our Product, we will inform you if there is an appropriate measure for you to take for the Product(s) installed in your facility. At this time we do not recommend the installation of any MS Windows patches / updates to the Product. In the meantime, please refer to the instruction / operation manual of the Product(s) which states the necessary conditions you shall comply with when using the Product not the least of which the Product shall not be used to access services such as email or internet web browsing. Also, if a computer-virus infection occurs in your facility, please take measures to prevent the spread of the infection by isolating the infected network as soon as possible. If the Product becomes infected, please contact our service organization as you normally would.

The following measures could be effective in your network environmentto prevent Ransomware (WannaCry / Petya / Goldeneye) Cyber-attack.

1. Control network route

Identify the computers permitted to access the Product and change the network routing table in a network device such as router or firewall to prohibit the communication from computers other than those permitted computers.

2. Control of communication protocol and communication port

Since Ransomware (WannaCry / Petya / Goldeneye) Cyber-attack uses the following communication protocol and communication port, change the firewall setting of the network device(s) in the facility so as not to permit such communications.

  Service Name   Protocol Type and port number
  NBT―NetBIOS Naming Service   TCP/UDP 137 port
  NBT―NetBIOS Datagram Service   UDP 138 port
  NBT―NetBIOS Session Service   TCP 139 port
  Direct Hosting SMB   TCP 445 port

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